Ny proposition Belgien

Från Nelly Philippot kom följande mail, men ny proposition eftersom inga 3-åringar var anmälda:

Dear Participants ,
This concerns Wathba Stud Farm, Let’s Go !
As there is no entries of 3 year-old horses the race 1501 B is cancelled and replaced by 1501 C with enclosed conditions.
Horses entered yet for the 1501 B -race are automatically entered for the 1501 C race.
New entries have to reach us ( normal entry fee) for the 04th of May 2015, 10H00
Hoping that these conditions will make more participants happy !

Kind regards,

BE 1501 C:   Wathba Stud Farm, let’s go!

HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al NahyanGlobal Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival.

(5.000 €):   2.500   –   1.250   –   650   –   350   –   250 €.                      1500m
Race to be run under Belgian Jockey Club rules
Race for all pure-bred Arabian horses registered at birth in a stud-book recognised by WAHO of 4y,+ olds that have earned less than 10.000 euro since 01/01/2014.

Weights: 4 year olds: 56 kg (fillies:2kg)
5 year olds and older: 58 kg (fillies: – 2kg)                    Penalties: 1 kg for each 1000 euro earned (since 01/01/2014
Allowances : the horse that never won: – 1kg + the horse that never started : -1kg
If elimination is needed, the 4y,+ old horses with highest earns (since 01/01/2014) will be eliminated first.                    Entries+perform’s (all): Monday 04/05/2015,10H00
Weights: Tuesday 05/05/2015, 10H00
Forfeits: Tuesday 05/05/2015, 15H00
Supplementary entries: Wednesday 06/05/2015, 10H00
Declaration (+ blinkers): Thursday 07/05/2015, 09H00
Jockey’s: Thursday 07/05/2015, 15H00

     Entries, Weights, Forfeits and Declarations… on-line on site of J-C: www.jockey-club.be for trainers with log-in and pass-word (ask at: [email protected]). “New horses”: [email protected]

Och missa inte Nalles tips till Klampenborg-loppet, ligger här nedan.